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About Us

Vision & Mission


To develop a qualitative center in the field of teacher education and to generate and disseminate knowledge through harmonious blend of ancient and modern wisdom based on the Indian Culture and Values.



Ø      To Promote the Ideology of Swami Vivekananda.

Ø      Developing Competency and adaptability among prospective teachers.

Ø      To preach the High Principles of life such as Simple living and High Thinking.

Ø      To improve educational, cultural and spiritual activities.

Ø      To create love for Indian Culture through Library, Study Circles, Morning Assembly and Practical training of Yogic Practices among students and teachers.

Ø      To develop, enhance and improve the quality of Human resources.

Ø      To meet the challenges of a complex and modern society through Social Outreach.

Ø      To develop responsible and professionally productive citizen.

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